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Optimising IT for Remote Workers with Cloud-Based VDI

Remote working is no longer a short-term solution to working under Covid-19 regulations. Your IT team is now tasked with ensuring the long-term success of the dispersed workforce as your business embraces permanent remote or hybrid working.

But maintaining the simplicity, standardisation and security experienced in the centralised office environment can be challenging in a remote environment. You need a modern solution that can provide the high-performance needed for the modern workforce and one that can remove the complexity from managing and scaling IT for remote workers.

This guide will explain how a best-in-class cloud-based VDI solution, like Pulsant Cloud Desktop, can remove the risk and complexity associated with IT management and maintenance of a dispersed workforce, helping your team to succeed in this new working environment, whilst enabling a high-performance workforce. In particular, it will cover the following factors:

  • Simplify: How to simplify management and maintenance of dispersed workgroups
  • Standardise: How to deliver a consistent experience across multiple devices and locations
  • Secure: How to maintain security, compliance and business continuity outside of the office environment
  • Succeed: How to guarantee a high-performance dispersed workforce where staff can work remotely without limits


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