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Pulsant provides an infrastructure health check for Roodlane Medical

Roodlane Medical is one of the UK’s leading providers of corporate healthcare services, with extensive experience of creating and delivering innovative corporate wellness strategies. It provides services to blue chip clients mainly in banking, legal and professional services. Roodlane Medical forms part of HCA International UK, London’s premier private hospitals group.


The nature of Roodlane Medical’s business and its high-profile clients means that it needs to take data protection seriously. Patients and doctors alike need to be able to log on to its systems remotely and securely to access email, databases and sensitive medical records. Because of this, a host of rigorous industry regulations govern how Roodlane Medical handles the sensitive data that is the lifeblood of the organisation. However, to meet the requirements of a demanding regulatory environment, the company’s IT infrastructure needed to be overhauled.

“When I arrived at Roodlane Medical, the legacy IT estate was no longer fit for purpose. However, like many organisations, we were shackled by diminishing budgets; meaning the cost of buying all of the software and hardware licences we needed to fix the problem was prohibitive,” explained Simon Baker, IT Manager, Roodlane Medical.


Due to these budget constraints, Roodlane was attracted to a hosted solution in order to quickly overhaul the IT estate. However, due to the nature of its business, the company needed cyber security to be at the core of the solution. Working with the Pulsant team, Roodlane selected Pulsant’s Private Cloud with Cloud Protect so that the company could have a dedicated, bespoke platform that would adhere to stringent compliancy regulations.

“Medical records are very sensitive, to host out of premises was a big leap for us. However, we knew that a hosted solution was the best way for us to spread the cost,” said Baker. “As we couldn’t have any data on a shared device and we needed to control access, we decided on a robust private cloud solution.”

Cloud Protect is a full-stack security and compliance solution that provides vulnerability and configuration assessment, log management, network intrusion detection, out-of-band web application protection and 24/7 threat monitoring supported by Pulsant support teams. Powered by the industry-leading Alert Logic Cloud Defender suite, the solution combines advanced technology with a team of industry-certified security and compliance experts working around the clock to keep data safe and secure. Cloud Protect fulfils the requirements of all major IT security certifications, helping Roodlane Medical comply with all relevant regulatory mandates, such as FIPS, HIPAA, ISO 27001 etc.

“Having Alert Logic Cloud Defender provides us with visibility and intelligence so that we can shut down any dubious activity and better protect our data,” commented Baker. “Clients like the fact that we are being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to cyber security.”

In addition, Pulsant added a Hardware Security Module (HSM) – a dedicated crypto processor specifically designed for the protection of the crypto key lifecycle. The HSM is highly tamper-resistant, so even if it was taken out of the rack, the chips are difficult to infiltrate as they are cased in resin. The requirement for the HSM was due to some of Roodlane Medical’s American-based customers needing to ensure they were compliant with stringent FIPS standards. “The HSM provides an extra layer of protection to prevent login credentials becoming compromised. By storing all the SSL certificates, it removes the possibility that hackers or cyber criminals can clone the certificates to create fake sites.”


“We have been really pleased with the service that Pulsant provides. We are only a small IT team, so rely on Pulsant quite heavily,” enthused Baker. “A lot of our clients were initially sceptical of information being hosted in the cloud, but with Pulsant’s private cloud being designed to meet industry requirements for security, compliance, regulation and performance, their fears were quickly allayed.”

In addition to providing patients and doctors with secure, remote connectivity, the general resilience of Pulsant’s private cloud has also been key to Roodlane Medical. “One of our primary requirements from the beginning was to improve the reliability and availability of our service. Downtime is not an option for us. Pulsant has helped us to meet those key performance indicators,” added Baker.

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