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Pulsant provides a robust home for sensitive data

Youmanage provides human resource (HR) software that combines people data, process compliance and policy guidance, in one intuitive solution. It has been designed from the ground up to provide both HR and line managers with the tools, data and guidance that they need to be effective – in one easy-to-use online service.

With full access to core human resource functionality, a secure database, great reporting tools and case management capabilities; Youmanage empowers people managers with all the functionality they need to deliver HR and management functions in a simple, efficient and compliant way.


Youmanage’s CEO, Nick Pye, needed to migrate its code and client databases from the company’s current hosting provider to a new secure hosting facility. For a variety of reasons this needed to be done quickly over the course of a single weekend. “Data is the currency that we deal in,” he explained. “As such, we needed to move hundreds of client databases quickly, whilst ensuring minimal downtime, and accommodate them all within a single data centre.”

Pye had worked previously with Pulsant and was pleased with how quickly the team was able to understand what Youmanage’s unique requirements were. “Pulsant was generous in its approach by providing us with a dedicated resource to get under the skin of what we needed and to help understand what our future requirements might be. From the off, we found Pulsant very accommodating to our needs.”


A dedicated team of solutions architects and technical experts worked with Youmanage in fully understanding how the HR application worked and what improvements the right environment could help bring about. This included providing Youmanage with the proposed platform for three months to ensure that the design was correct and all requirements were effectively met, for both the current business environment and to cater for future growth.

The platform proved successful. To ensure maximum uptime, the bespoke architecture included doubling the number of SQL servers and web servers to provide it with the ability to load balance during peaks times.

“The solution that Pulsant developed for us was to host half of our data on one SQL pair, and the other half on another pair. As our needs change in the future and we expand, we can just add another mirrored pair. This will be quick and easy to do and will ensure we meet out uptime SLAs,” explained Pye.

One of the benefits to Youmanage is the flexibility of the solution that Pulsant developed, allowing it to morph as the needs of the business change over time, also ensuring that the environment could easily scale to meet the company’s growth objectives. Though Pye admits that it is difficult to predict when Youmanage will need to expand its space, he feels it is unavoidable. “We will inevitably require additional hosting as the number of client databases that we work with expands in the future and we will need an increase in the physical storage space to host them.”

Providing 24/7 availability to its customers is of paramount importance to Youmanage. “It is imperative that our clients can access their records whenever they need to from wherever they are in the world. We have a stated service level agreement of 99.9% so any downtime won’t just cause negative goodwill but will hit us in our pockets,” said Pye.


Due to the nature of its business, information security needs to be core to everything Youmanage does. “Information security standard ISO 27001 is imperative to us. We find that more and more of our clients are asking about our data security measures and require a full audit control policy, and log who is doing what with their sensitive data,” explained Pye. “Pulsant is ISO 27001 accredited and has all of the required information security processes and procedures in place.”

It is vital to Youmanage that its environment not only includes built-in resiliency, but is robust and secure. “Cybersecurity – and in particular the growing threat of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks – remains a key concern for us and we’re committed to protecting our customers. As a result, we added Pulsant’s DDoS Protect so any questionable traffic would get redirected and not impact on performance. Adding Pulsant DDoS Protect provides us and our clients with an extra level of comfort.”

Pulsant DDoS Protect is the company’s bespoke security offering that addresses the rising scourge of DDoS attacks. DDoS Protect brings together multiple systems from acknowledged industry experts that are designed to minimise the impact and disruption businesses would otherwise experience during such an attack.

Pye believes that he made the right decision in moving its systems to a Pulsant data centre. “Pulsant is growing in stature, which provides added comfort to our clients. They feel confident that because Pulsant is so well regarded in the marketplace that their data is safe and secure – which it is.”#

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