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Drag+drop to the Cloud


In early 2000 the company developed its first web-based solution and subsequently moved to a software-as-a-service model.

Drag+drop’s customers include newspapers and magazines around the world, such as a vast number of regional papers in the UK, as well as clients in the USA, Australia and South Africa. The software enables organisations such as estate agencies to create their own newspaper advertisements online, using their internal systems and inventory to ‘drag and drop’ content onto a template.

Despite the general decline in the newspaper industry, there is still a demand for advertisements. Newspapers operate in an environment where cost efficiency is crucial to survival and as a result must be able to offer those adverts at ever-decreasing costs. Drag+drop’s software enables media organisations to achieve this by offering an automated solution that assists in improving customer service to newspaper clients and reducing their cost base.

Consult and create

Drag+drop has grown significantly over the last 16 years and now focuses on supplying digital solutions and hosting services to property portals, as well as mobile applications and Facebook integration products. As a result, the company relies on the technology and expertise of managed hosting provider, Pulsant.

The relationship between the two organisations spans a decade. Initially each client had its own server and Drag+drop application, and Pulsant was tasked with providing a managed server.

“As soon as we decided to go the SaaS route, we knew we had to find a trusted supplier to provide those data centre services to us. For us, it’s not our core business and was something we didn’t want to get involved in. We thought that the best way forward was to find a partner with the infrastructure and expertise”, explained James Wright, CTO, Drag+drop.

“I did some research and began calling technology companies. However, as customer service and responsiveness was one of our critical requirements, I called their support lines to judge reaction times. My call to Pulsant was answered quickly and I was immediately put in touch with a knowledgeable individual who knew what I was talking about, instilling confidence in me and the relationship grew from there”.

The Pulsant team initially supplied a managed server through its data centre in Reading. However, as the company and its client base grew, Pulsant proactively worked with Drag+drop to develop a more cost-effective and streamlined solutions that would better meet its needs.

Integrate and activate

Drag+drop migrated to the cloud a few years ago, taking advantage of its benefits, such as flexibility, increased agility and scalability. The Pulsant team collaborated closely with Drag+drop, testing the virtualised environment and ensuring that the company’s solution worked properly. Drag+drop’s customers were then migrated from their single servers onto rack-based computers using Hyper-V.

One of the company’s challenges was its growth, with periods of rapid expansion and increase in customers and data.

“What we found, however, was that Pulsant moves quickly and if we experience any technical challenges, I know that they are always available to talk to, discuss options and solutions, and they will come up with recommendations. The fact that whoever I speak to, from our dedicated account manager to someone on the technical team, knows our business, what solution does and understands what we’re trying to achieve”.

“As we’ve grown, Pulsant has grown with us, keeping us up to date with the latest advancements and ensuring that our operation is reliable, available and functioning to its full potential. Every few years we’ve had a hardware refresh and as the Pulsant team sets us up with new technologies, they’ve also improved other areas, such as our connectivity, bandwidth and back-up infrastructure”, said Wright.

Support and evolve

A further implication of the company’s growth was the way in which the increase in data was affecting backups.

“The Pulsant team was once again proactive, making us aware that there would be an issue and implications for our back-up systems, suggesting alternatives and coming up with solutions. Over the years Pulsant has proved itself from both a technical and support point of view. The value that they provide my business is more than just in terms of technology or advice; it’s in the confidence I have in them to make sure my operation is always available and that if there is a problem, it is sorted out immediately”.

For Drag+drop’s US-based business, its platform is supported with servers in Pulsant’s data centre presence in New York, and it also makes use of the cloud organisation’s Hong Kong data centre.

As Drag+drop continues its expansion, the Pulsant team is perfectly positioned to assist in ensuring its requirements continue to be met and technology optimised, regardless of location.

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