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Cost effective colocation services prove vital to award winning investment firm 7IM


Seven Investment Management Ltd (7IM) is an award-winning financial services firm. Founded ten years ago it has offices in London and Edinburgh.


7IM was looking for a data management partner to provide secure locations to house its data servers, along with a responsive and proactive team to help optimise its systems. It required a broad range of flexible IT services and needed to be able to trust its partner with valuable client data. In addition, preventing downtime was essential to ensure independent financial advisors have round-the-clock access to systems and prevent any risk of lost business and reputational damage.


Pulsant supplied a range of IT services including networking and high-speed internet connections to optimise its systems, ensure resilience and create operational efficiencies at its offices in Edinburgh and London. As part of this, Pulsant provided resilient colocation facilities to support 7IM’s private cloud, operating to strict ISO 27001 standards for maximum data integrity.


7IM has complete peace of mind after Pulsant connected its virtual operations and replicated its systems between sites 450 miles apart, helping to support its virtual environment with zero downtime. In doing so Pulsant has enabled 7IM to remain cost competitive without compromising service.

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