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Pulsant delivers colocation and connectivity for local offices of US integrated circuits supplier

Following the acquisition of a microelectronics business in the UK, its US parent company embarked on a corporate integration project. Part of this included expansion plans for the microelectronics business in the UK.

The acquired company had sites in Edinburgh and in the London area and its new parent realised given the growth potential, it would soon run out of both office and server space. The acquired company was already a Pulsant customer, taking hosting, disaster recovery and other services from the hybrid cloud solution provider out of its Newbridge data centre in Edinburgh.

“We really wanted a scalable hosting solution for our Edinburgh and London operations, one that was managed and maintained by a reliable partner, ” explained a company spokesperson. “A few years ago after an office move, our parent company moved its IT infrastructure to a colocation provider to save on cost and space. With that in mind, we began investigating the same options in Edinburgh and London, with the goal of having a partner responsible for the redundant power, connectivity and cooling needs. ”

The director of IT began looking at local providers, of which Pulsant was one. The main requirements for the company included finding one supplier that had the right facilities in the locations needed.

“We met with a number of colocation providers and toured their offered sites. Pulsant came out on top because it had excellent data centre facilities in both Edinburgh and London, and put together a really attractive package for us. ”

The solution includes colocation services provided from Pulsant ’s South Gyle facility in Scotland and its Maidenhead site outside of London, as well as connectivity (1GB and 10GB connections) between the office sites in Edinburgh, London and a new site in Newbury, Berkshire. Pulsant is also providing diverse connections between the data centres, which enables the company to send traffic between the two sites.

“Initially the microelectronics business made use of our Newbridge facility in Edinburgh, ” explained Chris Shields, regional sales director at Pulsant. “However, as the company was moving its entire IT infrastructure off premise and into our facility, we decided that our secure data centre in South Gyle, a few miles away, would be better suited. ”

South Gyle features over 30 telecommunications carriers, making it one of the most connected commercial sites outside of the M25. The facility is also focused on sustainability, with a PUE rating of 1.2 and features blended evaporative and fresh air cooling technologies to maximise efficient and minimise its carbon footprint.

The Pulsant team worked with the company in migrating its entire IT infrastructure over to the South Gyle site, taking up 18 racks in one of the data halls.

“We managed this process very carefully to ensure that there was no loss of service, ” said Shields. “In effect we ran both sites until the migration was complete to make sure it was completely seamless. ”

The project has been ongoing and is nearing completion as the integrated circuit manufacturer completes the move to new, larger premises in Edinburgh, anticipated in early 2017.

“Both our account manager and project manager from Pulsant have been outstanding. From our point of view, having a dedicated project manager in house that kept us apprised of what was going on, a single point of contact, was excellent and not a service we ’ve received from colocation providers in the past. We are really impressed by the Pulsant team and have every confidence that our relationship will be a successful one, ” concluded a company spokesperson.

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