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Multrees strengthens IT infrastructure with Pulsant cloud services

Multrees Investor Services Limited is a financial services organisation with offices in both Edinburgh and London.

Established in 2010, Multrees is a specialist provider of outsourced support services to boutique asset managers and family offices. The company delivers a range of services including consolidated reporting, investment administration and custody solutions.

The challenge – finding an agile cloud infrastructure solution

In 2013, Multrees contacted Pulsant in its quest to expand and enhance its service offering with the help of a trusted infrastructure partner. After assessing Multrees’ specific needs and requirements, Pulsant provided colocation services out of its Edinburgh Newbridge data centre, which involved moving various services and applications from its legacy data centre provider to the cloud, as well as delivering disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) for an increased level of security-related reassurance.

As Multrees continued to grow over time, it found its legacy data centre provider was no longer able to fulfil business requirements. “With our legacy partner, we simply didn’t feel we were receiving the level of support that was necessary for us,” said Jaco Cebula, chief technology officer, Multrees. “We are a financial services company that is regulated by the FCA [Financial Conduct Authority], and we have multiple clients who rely on us for the services we provide. Therefore, if there is an outage or an IT issue then we require our data centre partner to show the same level of responsiveness that we show to our clients.”

With its legacy data centre partner based in Luxembourg, Multrees was also experiencing problems relating to latency and agility, which was impacting on its overall operational ability. To alleviate these issues, the company sought a provider that owned data centres in closer geographical proximity to both its customers’ offices and its own sites in Edinburgh and London.

The solution – comprehensive cloud migration with a focus on security

With these business challenges in mind, Multrees made the decision to migrate its entire infrastructure over to Pulsant’s Enterprise Cloud. Once fully in place, the infrastructure will be split between three data centres — Edinburgh Newbridge, Milton Keynes and Reading.

“By implementing Multrees’ cloud infrastructure in this way, we can provide the company with effective geographical redundancy, which means that we can move Multrees’ data from one physical data centre to another in a matter of minutes should there be an outage or a major IT issue at one of the sites,” said Stuart Paterson, client manager, Pulsant. “What’s more, we can back up each site completely separately, which gives Multrees full disaster recovery and business continuity.”

As part of this migration, Multrees wanted to ensure that it could run large software-based programmes such as Oracle Database, IBM WebSphere and Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise edition on the cloud. Pulsant worked hard to build the required redundancy and disaster recovery services into the cloud for maximum resilience.

Another key factor for Multrees opting for this cloud-based solution — and why it chose Pulsant over other competitors — is the numerous security certifications and accreditations associated with each of the Pulsant data centres. As a company within the financial services industry, Multrees must ensure it is complying with various security measures and regulations as part of what is known as an ‘audit and assurance faculty’ (AAF), and having the ability to point people in the direction of Pulsant’s website for proof of the many accreditations makes the company’s life much easier. Similarly, the company can also use this to reassure any prospective clients who might be particularly security-conscious.

The results – rapid responsiveness with a focus on the future

Multrees has already enjoyed several benefits as part of its new cloud-based infrastructure, including further-improved security measures and increased uptime thanks to geographical redundancy split across three Pulsant data centres.

As CTO of Multrees, the key benefits for Jaco lie in the level of control and responsiveness the company is able to benefit from. If it needs to scale up its infrastructure or add new services as the business continue to grow and expand its roster, its new cloud-based infrastructure makes this simple.

“Obviously we want to make sure that we always have excellent availability for the core production systems, but this new solution also allows us to act with an increased level of agility. If we’re looking to put in new applications, add new services or spin up new servers, we know that we are able to do that quickly and effectively.”

The project was fully implemented in October 2017, and Pulsant continues to provide regular service reviews with Multrees to ensure helpful and consistent support.

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