Burgeoning infrastructure services relationship delivers benefits to Multrees

Consult and create

In 2013, the company underwent a period of major technology change and sought an infrastructure partner that would support its strategy and work with Multrees to enhance and expand its service offering. Pulsant, already a supplier of network connectivity, fit the bill.

“As a growing, dynamic organisation, we really needed a set of solutions that were highly secure and reliable, as well as a partner who could deliver them and also be responsive to our changing requirements,” said Jaco Cebula, chief technology officer at Multrees. “In many ways, this mirrors the way we work with our clients, so the same qualities that they find appealing in us as a business are also what we look for in an infrastructure partner.

“We have our own IT department, but didn’t want to get involved in running our own data centre or managing services on a day-to-day basis,” explained Cebula. “I’d worked with Pulsant in a previous role and was familiar with the company’s capabilities. After investigating our options, consolidating our infrastructure services with Pulsant made the most sense.”

Integrate and activate

In a relationship that goes back several years, Pulsant added to the network connectivity it supplied Multrees by providing colocation services hosted out of its Edinburgh-based Newbridge data centre. Pulsant assisted the company in moving some of its IT equipment off site and from a legacy provider, and migrating some services and applications into the cloud. The process was a lengthy one, which started with migrating the ancillary systems. As the migration continued, it became clear that additional data centre capacity was required, which Pulsant quickly provided.

In 2014, Multrees began a major IT project — to replace one of its core systems. As an organisation in the financial services industry, it is subject to regulation such as those set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Audit and Assurance Faculty. As a result, Multrees needed to demonstrate that it was well-equipped when it came to disaster recovery and business continuity policies.

The team at Multrees worked with Pulsant and selected the cloud provider’s disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution. The DRaaS solution provides a secure and reliable virtual disaster recovery service for Multrees’ virtual servers by performing low impact incremental backups and streaming them to a cloud-based recovery platform hosted in one of Pulsant’s ISO27001 accredited data centres.

Support and evolve

“The relationship has grown over the years and we’ve worked closely with the team at Multrees to suggest, develop and implement the most appropriate solutions which deliver against key business objectives. Pulsant delivers a range of highly available, highly secure network and cloud-based solutions, which have enabled Multrees to meet key compliance requirements for business continuity and disaster recovery,” said Stewart Mckinnon, client manager at Pulsant.

Pulsant’s network of 15 UK-based data centres offers real benefits for customers like Multrees. With some services delivered from data centres in Edinburgh and others delivered from Milton Keynes and Reading, this is still close enough yet far enough away to meet the company’s parameters in terms of effective backup and business continuity requirements.

Multrees provides a number of different financial services, as well as technology, to its client companies which means it is highly reliant on IT. As a result, the technology has to be scalable, reliable and secure.

Cebula concluded: “Pulsant’s technology and services ensure that we enjoy the benefits of 100% availability, security and scalability when it comes to our infrastructure. And it’s these same benefits that we pass on to our clients. We are a growing and highly client-focused company and it’s crucial that our infrastructure partner shares those values. Financial services is a demanding industry and having the right partner is key to our success. With Pulsant, we feel confident that our needs will be meet and they will continue to deliver quickly and reliably.”

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