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Everything you need to know about our colocation service

Colocation Service Description brochure

With data centres playing such a key role in business today, you need assurance that your hardware and data are secure, available and performing as they should. But where do you start? Host in-house at great expense? Or outsource to a trusted provider like us?

Find out all about our Colocation service, including:

  • How colocation can help your business
  • What the benefits of the service are
  • Why our enterprise-class data centres meet your needs
  • Which features are important when choosing a colocation provider

Why Pulsant for colocation?

“We’ve built our business and reputation on delivering high-performing, secure and reliable data centre services to our host of customers across the public and private sector. It is our unique combination of expertise, experience and state-of-the-art technology that makes us the ideal colocation and data centre partner for your business.” Marion Stewart, Chief Operating Officer

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