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Working with the local University

Here at DediPower, we’ve always been strong supporters of enthusiastic individuals at local schools, colleges and universities in Reading and the surrounding areas. Whether they have an interest in technology or any of the other services you find in a business, we believe in providing guidance and opportunities to help them develop as individuals.

This past summer has certainly been no different; with DediPower working with the University of Reading to provide summer internships via the SEED program (SEED stands for Summer Enterprise Experience & Discovery scheme). The general concept is similar to most summer internships; to provide an experience of work in a commercial business to an undergraduate studying at the university. This year we had quite a number of extremely strong candidates apply, all of which went through the normal process of applying for a job to provide a true representation of what they will be going through once they complete their courses – having to send in a CV and covering letter to our Human Resources department, coming in for interviews and as we had chosen for this year’s intern to work within our development team, looking over examples of their code.

After a process that started in May, we were glad to welcome Stephen to the DediPower team in July for three months. I truly believe providing a broad experience to all interns no matter their specific role in the company, is key to setting them up for success in the future no matter what they decide to pursue. Ensuring they have a solid understanding of general business operations, and instilling the customer centric Support with Passion culture we have here at DediPower is key. From day one DediPower provides a variety of opportunities allowing the individual to think wider than what their job specification may state.

Alas, the summer has now long gone, but I’m glad to say that Stephen is still involved with DediPower (while giving his studies at University his primary focus) and I wish him all the best in his final year, and potentially him becoming part of the Grad SEED Graduates scheme next year!

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