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Why great partnerships are more than pitstops

By Simon Hendy, Channel Manager

Celebrating partnerships: axes, arrows and all-terrain vehicles

By Simon Hendy, Channel Manager at Pulsant

No man is an island — trite, but true. And the same applies to IT service providers. Our business ecosystem is made up of various vendors, partners and customers, each playing a pivotal role in building success.

This interconnectedness is something we celebrate at Pulsant.

Celebrating our partners

Built around the theme of collaboration, we recently hosted our annual Partner Day at Barton House in Oxfordshire. We kicked off with a group discussion on security, a topic that is ever-present in today’s IT environment. Our account managers and solutions architects were on hand to talk about the steps we’ve taken to secure our infrastructure and how this peace of mind can be passed on to our partners and end customers.

And that’s where the traditional event ended, and the exhilaration began. The aim of this year’s partner day — apart from providing a face-to-face, informal forum to get to know our partners and their customers — was to get us out of our comfort zones and expose us to something different. The result: teamwork and mutual appreciation.

With individual and team events in everything from archery and axe-throwing, to driving rage buggies and argo cats, the day was a success, with great feedback received from both our partners and their customers who also attended.

The relaxed (albeit adrenaline-charged) atmosphere gave us the opportunity to get to know each other a little better, talk to our partners and customers about their challenges and plans for the future, and solidify the great working relationships we have.

Why should you join?

Our partner network is well established, with 57 organisations joining us in the last few years. And it’s not all about fun days out, although they are certainly enjoyable! Our partners are all different and we recognise that they’re not looking for a cookie cutter partner, which is why we work with them and forge valuable, mutually beneficial relationships.

Thinking of joining our fast-growing programme? As a Pulsant partner you have access to our wealth of experience and can leverage our infrastructure to benefit both your business and your customers. This includes working closely with our solutions architects to build the best service possible, suited to your specific requirements and tailored to meet your business objectives. You can expand your own offerings, with our complementary services, grow your business and better meet the needs of your customers.

The programme itself is flexible and we offer a full range of services from colocation and data centres, to private managed cloud solutions.

If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, why not visit our partner page or contact me directly [email protected]


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