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Why doing business in the cloud is better

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With workforces becoming increasingly more mobile, and customers in all markets becoming more demanding, technology is playing a critical role in enabling growth, flexibility and the ability to deliver a decent customer experience.

One of these technologies is cloud: it’s been around for a long time, it’s matured, it’s changed and for the most part we’ve gotten over the initial obstacles that stopped us considering it. Cloud has the potential to change an organisation, make it more flexible, agile, cost-effective and open to innovation. And yet, there are still businesses that are struggling to start their journey into cloud or explore avenues of using more cloud. The thing is most businesses use cloud in some form or another already; whether that’s your web-based email solution, your collaboration application or file sharing software, you’re likely making use of some aspect of the technology.

So why is full migration still such a challenge?

As with any digital transformation there are three key things to consider: your people, your processes and your technology. There is a significant cultural element to cloud adoption. Your staff needs to be ready for it, your IT team needs to be skilled enough to support it and if there’s any affect on job roles, you need to address it.

The same can be said of your technology and processes; is your organisation in a position to adopt cloud? What needs to change in order to support it? Is cloud the right option for all your systems, applications and data?

Of course, this a simplified view of things. But the fact remains, cloud is a valuable asset for business. Especially in today’s environment where security and compliance are key.

Very often though, the major obstacle when moving to cloud or adopting more of its services, is that you don’t quite know where to begin.

In association with the North East England Chamber of Commerce, we are hosting a morning workshop on 03 July. Pulsant cloud experts Javid Khan and Kenny Lowe will be discussing how you can make that leap into cloud, the routes into public cloud, the different technologies available on the market, and the best ways to leverage cloud to benefit your business.

To register for the event, or find out more information, visit the events page.

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