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What’s the value of a digital content delivery network?

For organisations operating websites that are drawing visitors from across the world and who want to deliver their downloadable content fast the idea of putting in place a content delivery network is a great solution.

A digital content delivery network is a collection of web servers located in different places around the world. It works by directing users to local servers where content is held. Rather than all the content requests being directed at the primary server, the content requests are shared out between ‘local to the request servers’.

So having a content delivery network in place improves the experience of the visitor because their downloads are taken from a server in close proximity to their own physical location. This removes the risk of slow website performance caused by latency.

Having this website capability in place means that if there is a huge spike in global content requests such as the launch of a new application or media experience it minimises the likelihood of a potential crash because the load is spread across multiple servers rather than just one.

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