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What is the buzz in the industry?

As part of the continual improvement to services and products here at DediPower, we are always on the lookout for additional partners who bring extra value as well as combining various ideas to set new trends and develop innovative solutions to solve our customers daily challenges.

I recently attended the World Hosting Days conference in Germany to meet with a number of our partners and look at new services and products that we may look to use in the future. In addition there were many interesting discussions, presentations and debates to be had over the course of the three day event and over 3,500 attendees.

As has been the main trend within the IT and hosting sector, cloud is still at the forefront of everyone’s discussions more broadly among IT professionals, however the level of maturity and definition has certainly come along. Along with this level of maturity, the major discussion on cloud has been on security, and has been placed heavily on the radar by a number of the large security vendors. Fundamentally, they are making it very clear what the security level should be for all aspects of IT, however now that the cloud is the major trend, are suggesting that this changes the way security is handled. Being responsible for legal, compliance, and security here at DediPower, this was certainly a surprise. I find it difficult to believe that when people are designing cloud solutions (whether public or private), they are not taking into consideration the security requirements of their solutions and ensuring the appropriate levels of protection for their data – this could be because I am working with some of the best solution architects around and this is something which they naturally take into consideration.

Security within the IT and hosting industry is certainly at a much higher level of maturity in comparison to where we were even 10 years ago, however the security fundamentals that were around have not changed whether you are using a main frame, dedicated servers, public or private clouds or paper records. Ensuring you restrict access to data and choose appropriate levels of encryption are a must to protect confidentiality, you should also perform regular integrity tests on your data set to verify it had not been modified or corrupted. You also need to ensure it has the appropriate level of availability – whether that be the highest levels with fully automated failover between multiple data centres, through to simple disaster recovery processes ensuring you have the ability to restore from the regular backups that have been performed.

Attending the conference has shown me that DediPower are considering the right technology and approaches to ensure customers are getting the right levels of service, whilst delivering what their business needs for the future and protecting against security threats. Saying that, there are also new theories and techniques that people are starting to discuss in the industry which I look forward to researching further and possibly implementing in the future.

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