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What is Managed Security?

What is Managed Security

Managed Security Services take the strategic and day to day management of your business’s IT security and put it into the hands of a specialist provider, managing everything across vulnerability and penetration testing, log management, network intrusion detection and 24/7 monitoring for threats and cyber-attacks.

Many businesses are now waking up to the fact that cyber-security has to be top of their IT agenda, and 85% of medium to large businesses in the UK have now undertaken 5 or more steps from the UK Government’s 10 Steps to Cyber Security guidance 1. And with 68% of large businesses identifying a cyber-attack or breach in the last 12 months, organisations are having to go even further with their cyber security planning to remain safe and secure in light of more sophisticated and complex attacks.

Why use Managed Security services

Businesses are facing increasing risks around:

  • Malware attacks
  • Social engineering and phishing activities
  • Cyber-attacks
  • DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacked
  • Data theft

Because data is so important to a business’ operations, clients and reputation, it’s critical to have the right security in place to prevent downtime or loss of data.

What Managed Security services are available?

Managed Security covers a wide range of services, but typically, Managed Security solutions centre around:

  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Log management
  • Network intrusion detection
  • Proactive threat monitoring
  • Email security
  • Compliance and regulatory security planning
  • DDoS protection
  • Security consultancy services to configure, review and manage your IT environment

Why work with an external provider for your security needs?

The sophistication of cyber-attacks and security threats increases every year. Unless you have a team of security professionals in-house who are focused on protecting your IT environment and constantly monitoring the industry for new threats, it’s very difficult for most organisations to stay up to date with the skills and expertise required to protect an enterprise IT environment.

Many specialist cloud and managed hosting providers have a dedicated security team whose job it is to constantly review the industry and IT security landscape for new threats, in conjunction with advising clients on the most secure approach for their IT strategy. Some providers offer 24/7 threat monitoring to mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks on a day to day basis, which may be too complex and resource-heavy to undertake in-house.


Security is inevitably linked to compliance – and in order to achieve compliance with data protection policies and industry regulations, organisations need to demonstrate that they have put in place effective security measures, from staff training through to data centre security measures.

Managed Security services can support you in achieving your compliance needs, as a specialist provider can configure and proactively monitor your environment to mitigate the risk and impact of security breaches. This protects your business, your customers, and day to day operations, but also protects you against the risk to your brand reputation in the event of a cyber breach.

It’s time to start being proactive when it comes to security rather than just reacting to attacks after they have happened. Security is often low on the CIO’s agenda…until an attack occurs. Don’t wait for security to be breached before you act – put a plan in place now so that you’re protected for the future.

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