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The modern data centre: a centre for innovation

modern datacentre

As a leading provider of data centre services, colocation and workplace recovery, we are committed to ongoing innovation. Our aim is to ensure we’re continuously exceeding customer expectations, improving our service and support, and building solid foundations for future technology trends.

This extends to all the services we deliver to our clients, as well as our infrastructure footprint, including our 10 owned and operated data centres and six workplace recovery suites.

Investing in the future

A case in point is the recent refresh project we completed over the summer in our South London data centre. The site has two data halls, features diverse power supplies, blended fresh air cooling and connectivity from six partners. We recently invested £2.1 million in an upgrade to Hall 1, looking specifically at power, infrastructure and cooling to improve monitoring, resilience and uptime for our customers.

Our continued investment across our data centres and service development, ensures we offer our customers and prospects the right solution for their business, whether that is colocation, virtualisation or managed services.

Our UK-wide data centre network is well-positioned to do just that; deliver a wide range of services to customers across industries. This is especially important because the role of data centres is growing rapidly in modern business.

Data centres at the Edge

With the need for speed for IoT devices and high-quality video streaming, as well as for real-time (or near real-time) analytics, storage and compute, businesses are looking for ways to bring these capabilities closer to where data is being generated. In essence, this means moving storage and compute to the edge, for faster analysis and increased agility.

The next generation data centre is leading this charge, offering organisations the infrastructure and services needed to make edge computing a reality and ensure the quick realisation of the benefits of speedy data analysis.

Established more than 20 years ago, we’ve remained at the forefront of a rapidly changing market, ensuring we continue to meet our customers’ current and future needs. The data centre revolution is no different; in a landscape where IoT is fast becoming the norm, updating our data centres to meet future demand, especially with a move to colocation and data centres on the edge, is essential.

The market is continually shifting and through our focus on keeping current and ensuring our technology and infrastructure can address these changes, we are differentiating ourselves from our competitors and supporting our customers throughout their lifecycle.

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