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Switchrooms break out into cold sweat

Lumison recently visited the Data Centre Europe Conference 2010, and one of the hot topics was something called ‘Evaporative Cooling’ that Microsoft and the global players are looking to use in their fourth Generation data centres.

It’s a clever system: evaporated water from the heat generated is trapped in a fibrous membrane, cooling the outside air by up to eight degree Celsius. This means that instead of using active cooling technology such as compressors (as found in your fridge or freezer), it’s passive so it just needs a fan to blow the cool air across the heat load.

Just as our bodies sweat to cool our core temperature down in order to keep our power systems happy and healthy in the heat, its water that keep the data centre systems ticking. Best of all, it’s 90% more efficient on energy and carbon compared to traditional active cooling technology.

How do we know this works?
At Lumison, we’ve been using it for the past three years in our switchrooms! Just one of the ways that is helping us towards our goal of a 9.6% in cut Co2 emissions by September 2010.

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