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Supporting IXScotland for long-term growth

Matt Lovell, CTO, Pulsant

Nine months ago IXScotland was launched – Scotland’s first dedicated Internet Exchange Point (IXP). IXScotland is powered by LINX (London Internet Exchange) that has set up similar exchanges, in Manchester for example. Pulsant is also involved in the project and is hosting the exchange at our South Gyle data centre facility – the largest in Scotland.

Its establishment has been a real boost for the region. Essentially what IXScotland does is provide faster Internet access for users – either businesses or individuals – by ensuring that ISPs can better deliver Internet traffic to one another. With lower latency and better resilience, traffic won’t need to be routed through London anymore and the result is better connectivity.

We’re delighted to be working on this initiative, adding our expertise and using our infrastructure to make IXScotland a success. As a company we’ve been driven to support local business and communities since our arrival in Scotland with a view to ultimately stimulating the ongoing development of IT services in the region.

It’s important to note that there have been previous attempts to establish an exchange in Scotland. The reason that this one will find success is that IXScotland has received strong support from the community, from business and from government, and is, of course, assisted by LINX. In addition, IXScotland is really meeting the demand for that boost in connectivity.

Going forward, IXScotland and organisations with a local presence will have an important role to play in strengthening the region, with many opportunities emerging along the way, especially with the possibility of Scottish independence on the horizon. As a business with a presence in Scotland and a drive to support the industry, we look forward to being a part of it.

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