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Stay Connected on the Move

As the summer holiday season has arrived, a good number of us will take mobile devices and smart phones abroad. We are all increasingly aware of the roaming charges which become applicable on international networks and the need to manage connectivity time and costs carefully.

To ease the costs, some simple planning ahead can enrich the holiday experience significantly for you and your family. Increasingly, regardless of global locations, resorts, apartments and villas are offering Wifi and Mifi. By making sure we have the connection parameters, we can disable mobile roaming and make use of the free connectivity. Many of us are using one mobile or smart device and connect via tethering. This is the ability share an internet connection using Bluetooth, USB or similar services between devices. Simply by getting one device connected, we can share this across numerous other connecting devices the family may have taken.

Wherever you travel, staying connected brings lots of benefits. Not least of all to enrich, find out more and explore our holiday destination rather than remaining chained to the office.

Happy holidays!

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