Stacked, racked and ready to roll — exploring the potential of Azure Stack

AMP Azure Stack

The time for a hybrid cloud revolution is here: Microsoft has launched its Azure Stack offering that is set to change the way we look at cloud computing. Azure Stack is a hybrid platform that essentially allows you to deliver Azure services from your own datacentre in a way that is consistent with public Azure.

Azure Stack provides you with a seamless, single development and delivery platform. Services can be developed in public Azure and seamlessly moved over to Azure Stack — and vice versa, saving time, expense and making operations a lot more consistent.

Instead of managing multiple clouds through multiple platforms, you can now manage all of your clouds through one consistent Azure platform from on-premises, hosted infrastructure in a third party datacentre, all the way out to the public cloud.

The potential is endless. Just consider the various use cases.

  • Business agility and scalability

This area plays squarely to software developers, allowing them to undertake consistent modern application development, agility and scalability in Azure, on-premises and in the cloud.

  • Data governance, security and continuity

Azure Stack is ideal for organisations that want and need the scalability that Azure (public) provides, but in a private, certified, highly secure environment.

  • Business intelligence and insight

Azure’s business intelligence tools enable companies to maximise the value of data generated. The extension of Azure to your own environment with Azure Stack, allows you to safeguard data and still create the insights and analytics necessary to make better decisions, each and every day.

Get started

Getting started with new technology is almost always daunting, with a number of things to consider, the most important of which is likely cost. Then of course there’s getting familiar with it, using to properly to maximise your investment, and ensuring it’s delivering the promised benefits.

With that in mind, you can start by exploring Azure Stack through our AMP Launch Pad programme.

AMP Launch Pad is the ideal way to familiarise yourself with Azure Stack, and even public Azure services if you have never used them before or have had limited exposure. Simply put, it is a black box, an appliance that is small enough and easy enough to test, explore and make work, with little to no help.

It is a great place to start to try and understand what it means to have a true hybrid application — and what you have to think about when building an application that needs work across two distinctly different platforms.

Alternatively, if you’re ready for the multi-node version of Azure Stack, we can help you with that, too. If your next question is how do get it, the answer is simple.

Azure Stack brings the cloud economic model to on-premises environments with pay-as-you-use pricing.

Talk about licensing

As in Azure, there are no upfront licensing fees for the usage of Azure services on Azure Stack; customers only pay when they use a service. Since customers take on the cost of ownership and operations, or in this case Pulsant as your chosen service provider, Azure Stack prices will be lower than Azure prices in many cases. The pay-as-you-use model can be added to existing Azure agreements, enabling customers to use the same subscriptions, monetary commitment, and invoice for both Azure and Azure Stack. The pay-as-you-use pricing is available for purchase in the Enterprise Agreement (EA) and from Pulsant as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).

Azure Stack is set to change cloud, and we’d like to work with you to help your organisation realise the full potential of Azure. Talk to us today about getting started, or visit our dedicated Azure Stack webpage for more information.

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