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The cyber security landscape is a tricky one to navigate. There’s the cyber threat itself, there is the ever-increasing sophistication of the attackers, and then there are the hundreds of tools on the market that have all been designed to help you.

So getting a firm grasp on cyber security involves understanding both the threat, and which tools you need to address them. But there’s another element, too. Your organisation. Of course you know you need to protect it, but a critical part of all this is knowing exactly what you need to protect, where the gaps are in your security and how to plug them.

There is added complexity because your organisation, just like the cyber threat environment, isn’t static; it’s evolving all the time. Once you’ve plugged one gap, or understood one threat, there’ll most be another.

This isn’t the doomsayer’s approach. It’s a pragmatic one. In much the same way as your cyber defence strategy should be. There are two important things to remember: first, hackers are not omniscient or all-powerful. They can be dealt with and the risk they present mitigated. Second, in dealing with attackers and securing your organisation, you don’t need to do this alone.

In fact, it’s highly likely that you don’t have the in-house IT security skills or time to dedicate to cyber security 24/7, understand those tools and cope with the threats you’re likely facing.

So if you’re not going it alone, who do you turn to?

With hundreds of security providers in the industry the answer to this question can be problematic. Consider that there is no one solution that provides all the cover and defence your organisation needs from network and data, to cloud and infrastructure. Which means you’ll need multiple solutions, sourced from multiple partners. But dealing with several vendors can just add complexity to the process and take up more of the precious time and resource your IT department could be using to better effect elsewhere in your business.

The ideal situation then would be to work with just one partner, such as a managed security provider who has the expertise, resources and cutting edge technologies to help you deliver your cyber security strategy, protect your organisation and mitigate the risk. Importantly, your partner can manage the multiple solutions you are using or will be using, and manage the relationships with the vendors as well — giving you an overall view of your security where all aspects are taken care of.

Cyber security requires a long-term commitment and more than managing your solutions and vendors, your MSSP will be at the forefront of trends and will ensure you’re using the right solutions to address the threats from the right vendors, and evolving your strategy in line with the changes in the environment.

It is true that cyber security can be complex, challenging and difficult to understand. But protecting your organisation is achievable. While you’ll never be 100% bulletproof (nobody is), with the rights tools, strategy and partner, you can mitigate the risk of the cyber threat.

For more information on all the ways that Pulsant can help you establish and maintain your cyber security processes, take a look at our website.

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