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Smartphones devices and corporate data – should companies be worried?

Today lots of busy executives are using a wide array of devices for accessing company info. It is estimated that tablet devices and smartphones now account for over 5% of devices accessing company corporate data and this is only going to continue to grow. Having all this corporate data moving around and stored outside of the office takes the lost laptop issue to another level. The challenge for IT staff responsible for data security is getting tougher by the minute. Smartphones are particularly more vulnerable due to their size and presence in a huge variety of situations. Coupled with that, the devices themselves are constantly becoming more powerful and sophisticated with greater storage and improved browsing capabilities.

The risks posed by smartphones include not only the potential for loss or theft of their sensitive data, but also for their ability to connect unauthorised users to corporate networks.

A survey conducted a couple of years ago found that over 3,000 laptops were left in London taxis over just a six-month period and just in London. Compare that with an estimated 60,000 mobile phones that were lost or mislaid over a similar period.

So it looks like it’s time to start treating smartphones as mini laptops and make them subject to the same stringent information security policies especially when another piece of recent research found that over 70 per cent of companies rely solely on their employees to secure their mobile device.

With this mind at the very least all mobile devices should be password-protected and passwords should be reset regularly.

At DediPower our Portal API is on a secure domain and requires 3 pieces of information for login (none of which are stored by default) and therefore the data is only available to the smartphone user and not a third party. Our Portal API is what provides the portal data to both the recently introduced android and iPhone applications.

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