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Realising the Smart in SmartBooks

Vendors are truly focusing on the Smart book market as the application focus changes. The launch of Google’s initial market offering, Microsoft’s latest version of Office in O365 coupled with the updates to major application stores offers customers a bewildering choice.

This increasingly extensive array of options is likely to further add challenges in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies companies are wrestling with. At the centre of this remains the business imperative to drive increased productivity and flexibility through smarter ways of working. To maximise these benefits, IT teams must consider the three tenants of Access, Data and Applications. The provision of the most secure, cost effective, performant connection is the first step in ensuring employees get a consistent experience also with functionality which needs to work offline, is appropriately configured. Secondly, where data is accessed on the device, it requires appropriate levels of protection in terms of transit to the device and on the device in the event of theft or compromise. A simple solution that synchronises data sources between devices is now a fundamental requirement.

Perhaps the most significant consideration though will become application licensing management. Many mainstream application vendors are playing catch up in terms of evolving to user licensing based on multiple devices.

To realise the true benefits of Smart devices, it is vital the organisation’s strategy responses to these considerations, measures and continually re-evaluates

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