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Realising the potential: an insider’s view of our growth in the North East of England

andrew cherry

Based in our new Gateshead office in Newcastle, Andrew Cherry reveals what he likes about working for Pulsant and why a move into enterprise IT was a natural choice after a six-year stint in the British Army.

What is your name and job title?

Andrew Cherry, First Line Support Engineer

What do you do at Pulsant?

As a support engineer, I am the first port of call for our customers when they experience an issue with their systems. I manage support tickets and queues and try to resolve the issue as quickly and efficiently as I can over phone and email. If it’s a bigger problem, then I escalate the call to our second- or third-line support teams.

Why did you join Pulsant?

I was in the British Army for six years, before decided I wanted a new career path. In looking for a new career I wanted something that matched my passion for technology and technical mindset. Joining Pulsant felt like the best fit as not only is it a great company to work for, it has allowed me to develop my skills and build a new career in enterprise IT.

How is working in IT different from being in the army?

Some people would think that moving from the British Army to an organisation like Pulsant is a massive leap. For me, pursuing a career in IT after my time in the army was a natural progression, matching my skills, interests and areas that I wanted to develop. After being based in Edinburgh, coming home to the North East also made sense.

Why do you like working at Pulsant?

It’s a great culture that really encourages and enables growth and opportunity. There’s a strong focus on progression here and I look forward to steadily gaining as much knowledge as possible and expanding my skills into other areas such as network support and cyber security.

What’s been your highlight so far?

While I had good technical understanding as a result of my work in the army, I had no previous IT experience from a support or end-user perspective. In the last few months I’ve learned a great deal, my knowledge of IT support improving in leaps and bounds. Initially it was a steep learning curve, but my colleagues and management at Pulsant have been very supportive and welcoming.

What do you like about being based in the North East of England?

I think the North East is a bit of a gem. Of course, I might be a bit biased having grown up here, but there’s such a great skillset here and such a wealth of potential. And as the North East blooms as part of the Northern Powerhouse initiative, it will become a destination of choice for technology organisations and there will be increased opportunity for people like me, keen to upskill and contribute to growth in the region.

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