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Pulsant strengthens security capabilities with Armor partnership

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Confidence in cyber defence — Pulsant partners with Armor

By Martin Lipka, Head of Connectivity Architecture

Security is a hugely important aspect of any business IT infrastructure – perhaps the most important of them all considering today’s threat landscape. Consider this: seven out of ten organisations said their security risk increased significantly across 2017, yet only one-third believe they have the adequate resources to manage security effectively.

You only need to read the newspaper headlines nowadays to understand the implications of ignoring this risk. Just think about the recent Dixons Carphone breach, which saw 1.2 million personal data records stolen, or the infamous WannaCry attack from last year which impacted businesses all around the world.

To put it simply: there’s never been a more dangerous time for businesses across all sectors.

That’s why, here at Pulsant, we are committed to ensuring we help our customers mitigate the risk.

Perfect partnership

The state of the cyber threat landscape is why we’re working with Armor, a cyber security expert who is leading the way with innovative threat protection technology for private, hybrid and public cloud environments.

We are not only using Armor to bolster our security portfolio, but are also using this state-of-the-art technology to protect our own critical infrastructure. We tested a number of solutions on the market today and Armor was by far the best choice for us and our customers.

We’re incredibly excited by the opportunities available to us through this partnership —it means our customers will be able to spin-up full-stack security for their cloud workloads in a few minutes. They can also do this while complying with numerous regulations, including the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard and the incredibly important General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Despite being a regulation enforced by European forces, GDPR continues to impact businesses all across the world. Thankfully, as a UK-based business, here at Pulsant we are perfectly positioned to deal with the complexities of the regulation and reduce the burden of compliance for all our customers.

Another benefit for our customers is that with Armor they get 24/7/365 threat monitoring and instant access to skilled teams of security experts. That’s over and above the fact that Armor’s technology blocks 99.999% of cyber threats. By combining Armor’s specific security solutions with Pulsant Protect, our own cyber security portfolio, and our deep knowledge of our customers’ infrastructure, we can offer organisation-wide protection.

As a hybrid cloud provider, we’re committed to developing and evolving our cyber security portfolio to stay ahead of market trends and exceed customer expectations — and partnering with Armor is the ideal way to do this.

Why we chose Armor

Firstly, Armor’s technology is comprehensive, cloud-based and perfectly suited for hybrid cloud environments, which we will see many more of in the future. Plus, this ties in strongly with our own focus on multi-cloud and hybrid cloud.

The strength in Armor lies in its perfectly-balanced combination of human and machine. Not only is the technology itself extremely sophisticated, but the people working behind it are incredibly knowledgeable and have an inherent understanding of what’s required to mitigate a huge range of security threats.

Secondly, we are able to offer consultancy to customers around Armor’s services and solutions – something that Armor hasn’t yet been able to offer on its own. If Armor’s technology identifies an issue, we can work closely with our customers to develop the optimal resolution to ensure the issue is fixed quickly and with minimal disruption.

Going forward

We’ve always been committed to keeping our own infrastructure safe, as well as that of our customers. Moving forward with Armor we have the confidence in the technology and in the security expertise of our own team, as well as Armor’s staff, to deliver peace of mind to our customers and help them protect their business and mitigate risk.

This is a really exciting time for Pulsant and I look forward to collaborating with the team at Armor, sharing our knowledge and working together, capitalising on their innovative approach and deep industry expertise.

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