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Pulsant helps businesses realise the benefits of hybrid cloud with AMP Launch Pad

What is Hybrid Cloud

Reading, UK – 11 January 2018 – Pulsant, a leading UK provider of hybrid cloud solutions, has announced the launch of AMP Launch Pad. AMP Launch Pad is a unique proof of concept device, based on the Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack and designed to offer organisations a simplified way of understanding the benefits and uses of Azure, without the associated costs.

With the launch of Microsoft Azure Stack, the advantages of hybrid cloud have become even easier for businesses to realise. This is because Azure Stack is an extension of Microsoft Azure public cloud and allows the delivery of Azure services from a private environment, on-premises or from a data centre.

Azure Stack balances the right amount of flexibility and control to deliver cloud services in a consistent hybrid cloud environment. It provides increased speed to market for modern agile businesses to deploy apps quickly and easily, whether they run the solution on-premises or in the cloud. The platform allows businesses to be able to quickly scale up, whilst complying with increasingly stringent regulations by keeping data secure and local.

Stuart Nielsen-Marsh, Microsoft cloud strategy director, Pulsant says: “With the recent launch of Microsoft Azure Stack, the future of hybrid cloud is here. By working closely with Microsoft and Dell EMC, we have developed AMP Launch Pad, a single node appliance with the latest version of Azure Stack pre-installed on it. It is a cost-effective, low barrier of entry way of getting to grips with the technology and means business can enjoy all of the functionality at a fraction of the price.”

Natalia Mackevicius, partner director for Microsoft  Azure Infrastructure & Management,  Microsoft Corp adds: “The launch of Microsoft Azure Stack is a bold step forward in the evolution of cloud technology. We are pleased to see Pulsant’s  AMP Launch Pad initiative provide a great way for customers to try Azure Stack on a single node.”

AMP Launch Pad is powered by the Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack and can be hosted in one of Pulsant’s network of UK-wide data centres or on-premises for customers.

“Collaborating with partners, like Pulsant, is critical to offer the Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack platform to customers globally,” says Paul Galjan, senior director, product management, Dell EMC Hybrid Cloud Platforms. “With Pulsant’s one-node version of our Azure Stack platform, businesses can take this cost-effective opportunity for a first-hand view of the new hybrid cloud technology and the ways it can benefit their hybrid cloud strategies.”

AMP Launch Pad is the ideal way for businesses to familiarise themselves with Azure Stack, and even Azure services if they have never used them before or have had limited exposure. Further, free with AMP Launch Pad is a complementary Azure Stack Design Consultancy for businesses to define an Azure roadmap and guide their transformation to the cloud.

“With an emphasis on hybrid deployments and the changes they can deliver to organisations, many find themselves at the next stage in their cloud evolution journey. As Microsoft Azure Stack launches into the market, the time has never been better for those businesses that have so far been reticent, to take that first step,” comments Nielsen-Marsh.

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