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Pulsant announces launch of IT management platform for multi-cloud environments

Customer Connect Press Release

Cloud Connect makes cloud simpler for businesses

Pulsant, the cloud computing, managed hosting and colocation expert, has announced the launch of Customer Connect — a management platform built on software-defined networking that enables organisations using cloud to improve security, performance and connectivity.

Customer Connect comprises three services – Cloud Access, Cloud Fabric and Cloud Connect – all designed to enable organisations using cloud to outsource the management of their growing network estate to Pulsant. With the platform Pulsant can create secure network environments for customers across its services and data centres, and extend those networks into customer environments, on premise, or into third party cloud providers. The platform will also help reduce costs and improve security, connectivity and availability.

“Customers, especially those dealing with multi-cloud environments or hybrid IT, can often struggle to connect cloud and hybrid services together in a cost-effective and streamlined way,” says Matt Lovell, CTO, Pulsant. “In addition, they may be dealing with multiple vendors, different levels of support and performance. As customer networks get more complex with an increasing number of connections, managing such a diverse cloud and network environment will also rise in difficulty.

“With Cloud Connect, we’re taking care of the network with end-to-end management, providing a secure, high-performing environment with excellent connectivity that is monitored and maintained by Pulsant.”

Cloud Access, the first element of the platform, enables cloud customers to connect to public cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure and Google, through a private, pre-provisioned SDN that Pulsant has established with these providers. And they can do so by taking advantage of the speed, capacity and flexibility it brings.

The second element, Cloud Fabric, is an infrastructure that provides a connection through Pulsant’s SDN between the company’s different cloud models — bringing together private cloud, colocation, managed services and Enterprise Cloud in a streamlined, efficient way.

Cloud Connect, the third element, addresses the connectivity and security issues around connecting between different services — such as between Pulsant’s services and those of third-party cloud providers — and allowing them to communication with each other more easily. Cloud Connect enables customers to see their environment as a single network and single solution.

“The main benefits for customers are excellent connectivity, as they are using the Pulsant core network framework, 24×7 support with assured performance, security across the environment and control over costs — with different billing structures to avoid any nasty surprises,” concludes Lovell.

Cloud Connect is now available and is currently being deployed across a number of Pulsant’s customer sites.

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