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Pulsant Advises SMEs to Take a Fresh Look at Cloud

With smart data fuelling competitive advantage, there has never been a better time to migrate storage solutions to cloud.

Since cloud started stealing headlines five years ago, its role within SMEs has changed dramatically – according to leading cloud hosting provider, Pulsant. No longer seen as purely a capacity/cost balancing tool, ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (IaaS) is fast emerging as the most flexible storage option for handling the complex data applications that are essential to driving competitive advantage.

Involved in cloud hosting since its inception over ten years ago, Pulsant confirms that it is increasingly SMEs – not large corporates – that represent the vanguard behind Software as a Service (SaaS), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)-style technologies, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobile cloud apps.

Pulsant believes that these new web and mobile applications, richer digital presence and growing online sales will accelerate demand for cloud storage in 2012. It also predicts that many SMEs will re-examine cloud storage to help them cope with increased data footprints as information management, analytics and remote and mobile working become vital to their performance.

Mark Howling, CEO of Pulsant, states, “Private and public cloud is now a major strategy for any CIO aiming to help their organisation deliver high quality services to internal audiences and customers, over a variety of channels, while operating efficient data flows. Both types of cloud use virtualisation software to create ‘virtual server’ environments – on infrastructure either owned and shared across a single organisation (private cloud) or rented and shared across many different businesses (public cloud). Offering elastic provisioning and optimised data performance, cloud reduces the volume, power and costs associated with traditional server solutions.”

In the past many SMEs have been reluctant to embrace cloud as virtualisation carries a three per cent increase in overhead compared to traditional hosting. However, time and experience has revealed that, for many organisations, overall operational savings are returned tenfold. Indeed, many of Pulsant’s own customers report a 40 per cent reduction in storage running costs.

Howling confirms, “As many SMEs turn to cloud, we are helping them get the best out of their investment by making it easier to choose a system that’s right for them. It’s all about building reassurance and establishing trust – vital if we are to see mass adoption of cloud hosting across SMEs. This means supporting cloud with better firewalling, more rigorous IP management and fail over processes. Taking all this into consideration using cloud from a proven supplier with certified processes and offering 24/7 support, will undoubtedly become the preferred route to cloud success.”

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