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The productivity problem — and why Office 365 is the answer

AMP Office 365

Productivity still is — and always will be — a key driver for business success. Competition across all industries is fiercer than ever before, which means that businesses simply need to be achieving more in the same timeframe if they are to assert themselves as front-runners.

The problem is, even with the best will in the world, there are a lot of businesses unaware of the integral role that IT systems play in their overall productivity levels. Your employees might be equipped with the motivation and drive to work harder, but if the working environment is not conducive to productivity, it simply will not happen.

However, there is a way to capitalise on the untapped potential of the virtual teams and knowledge hubs lying dormant in your business: Microsoft Office 365. This provides a flexible, cloud-based solution for enterprise collaboration — with team chat, online meetings, co-authoring and secure file sharing, group email and a corporate social network — and in turn naturally boosts productivity. Plus, because it is all based in the cloud, it allows employees to collaborate from any location, and with multiple devices.

A new way of working

The implementation of Office 365 can almost instantly transform the way that businesses operate. Instead of two employees huddling round a single laptop and clumsily flicking through a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, they can both access and edit the same spreadsheet from their individual laptops, while using the Skype for Business conferencing tool to discuss any necessary edits or changes. If employees need to securely save important documents for their team’s future reference, they can do so using Microsoft’s OneDrive platform that is accessible to everyone, as opposed to saving it on their individual computer hard drive.

But reaping these benefits — along with the many others available — is not always so simple. Implementing Office 365 alone can be difficult, especially if your IT infrastructure isn’t already based in the cloud. Even once implemented, businesses often find themselves in need of admin support for the wide range of services and tools included, and lack the IT communications required to function at their very best.

This is where Pulsant can help, thanks to our Pulsant Managed Office 365 service. We can help guide businesses along every step of their Office 365 journey, ensuring the entire process is smooth, stress-free and painless.

A stress-free solution

The Pulsant Managed Office 365 service consists of four areas. For those not already in the cloud, we first carry out an AMP Cloud Readiness assessment to determine your business needs, and then define the cloud model that would best meet those needs. Once this has been identified, our team of certified engineers then assist with the migration of data, users and email boxes to the new cloud solution.

Then, for all customers, we carry out the implementation of Office 365 within their existing infrastructure, while ensuring minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. Finally, following the successful implementation, we provide admin management — on a 24/7 basis, if required — to help businesses get up and running with the wide range of new tools available to them.

From a business perspective, an Office 365 solution can help in various ways. Of course, it allows for seamless collaboration, with virtual teams working together effortlessly, as well as rapid, integrated messaging across the entire business. Unified communications facilities allow your team to work from their desktops or on the move via mobile devices, while Sharepoint provides a shared reference library and collaborative authoring that is enabled through the intranet.

Collaboration in the cloud

For businesses looking to accelerate their digital transformation efforts, the journey towards Office 365 can be easily integrated with a move to a Microsoft Azure cloud IT solution. We can combine both processes together, taking a comprehensive look at your overall cloud strategy to determine what Azure solution is right for you and how Office 365 fits into that.

With so much on offer, it only makes sense to solve the productivity crisis by adopting Office 365 with the help of a trusted partner such as Pulsant. By passing all the hard work onto us, you can simply enjoy working with a future-proof solution that delivers the kind of seamless collaboration all businesses desperately need.

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