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Profile: Pete Long, Solutions Architect at Pulsant and Microsoft MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management

The technology landscape moves quickly. That’s a fact. One of the challenges with operating in this environment is that you need to keep pace with the changes, constant innovation and understand the impact it will all have on the organisation you work in and the wider industry.

But the key thing to remember about the technology landscape is that it’s a community of sorts. There’s a wealth of knowledge out there and success lies in sharing those skills and expertise, especially as the pace of change accelerates.

I’ve been in the industry for 18 years, starting as many do with desktop support. From there I moved into service design, project design, project management… the list goes on. Regardless of what role I was doing back in the day, I spent a lot of time contributing to technical forums and communities, answering questions and imparting knowledge.

For me, this is a vital part of succeeding in the industry, building up skills and empowering others to do the same. Being active in these forums that make the tech industry stronger also means that you’re at the cutting edge of developments and advancements and you get to view emerging trends a lot quicker.

It’s always exciting to have that inside track, to see first hand how things are changing for the better and how you can incorporate these changes into the role you play within your organisation.

This is exactly the focus of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) initiative — sharing knowledge and empowering the community. And it’s a global community of more than 3,000 technical experts across 90 countries.

According to Microsoft, MVPs are “technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. They are always on the “bleeding edge” and have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies. They have very deep knowledge of Microsoft products and services, while also being able to bring together diverse platforms, products and solutions, to solve real world problems.”

Being an MVP is about more than being recognised by your peers; from a business perspective it means that I can use my skills and knowledge working at part of the Pulsant team and helping to bring value to our customers. This includes ensuring they’re getting the right cloud solution for their business, their requirements are being met and they are able to optimise their investment.

From a personal perspective, I get to interact and engage with other professionals across the world, with access to learning opportunities, knowledge, and people within Microsoft which really help accelerate my frame of reference and learning opportunities.

It’s an exciting time to be working in the cloud space; cloud is changing the industry and the way we approach challenges, from a business, technical and personal perspective. As a result, it’s important to keep up with developments and ensure we’re ready to jump on the opportunities presented. And the best way to do this? Collaboration with other professionals and being a contributing member of the tech community.

Pete Long is a Pulsant Solutions Architect with a strong technical background and wealth of industry experience. Pete has held a number of technical roles throughout his career, and has been a Microsoft MVP 15 times, across multiple categories, including Networking, Windows Development, Cloud and Datacenter Management.

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