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New Years Resolutions?

Every Hogmanay it’s the same thing – another set of resolutions – promises made, and promises broken. Lumison customers know we make a habit of keeping our promises, so we thought we’d offer our take on the usual resolutions and how you might be able to apply them to your IT services in 2011!

We asked a select number of IT managers and directors amongst Lumison’s valued customer base at the end of 2010 what the coming year looked like in terms of priorities and have used their actual answers to create this list!

1) Lose weight

Yes, you’re still lugging all that server tin around, and guzzling electricity (either in a data centre, your comms room, or sitting under your desk!). It’s time to consider removing your reliance on heavy metal, and move towards virtualisation. According to recent research, 30% of small businesses and 75% of medium sized businesses still prefer dedicated tin when it comes to their server infrastructure.

2) Quit smoking

Old habits die hard, and in the case of running old software, things can die terribly if they are not managed properly. In some cases, we still see plenty of customers running Microsoft Exchange 2003 (which is not end of life, meaning Microsoft will no longer support security patches or fixes), and also installing and running routers or firewalls but not keeping the firmware up to date. It’s time to clean up, and make sure you don’t regret a situation where old software will result in either downtime, or worse a security breach for your business. Upgrade now to a managed service and let Lumison worry about your IT hygiene.

3) Stop drinking

Whether in the data centre or your own comms room, we still see plenty of servers running at low utilisation or old hardware which provides poor processing power per kW of electricity consumed. It’s time to work harder at reducing your power and CO2 consumption, especially as the new UK government view is to produce a flat tax on CO2 – it all helps to reduce your costs. Whether through virtualisation or a technology refresh of your hardware platforms, thinking green is now firmly about your bottom line and not just altruism for the next generation.

4) Consolidate

You have network from one provider, hosting from another, VoIP supported by a traditional telephone supplier. The real costs are hidden – that is the operational and support overhead of managing different suppliers with different agendas. Is it time you considered working through your IT infrastructure and looking at consolidating your supply chain, providing simplicity of support and most importantly for you, one agenda. That being to provide you and your stakeholders the best possible service, whatever it takes, and joined up communication within a business to support your IT infrastructure.

It’s all a bit of fun, but we hope also food for thought for the coming year for you.

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