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Monitoring and Logging – How we ensure you stay online

Here at Dedipower we pride ourselves on the ability to keep your services online and we back this with our 100% Uptime Guarantee.

To do this we have a variety of tools at our disposal some of which I’d like to give you a brief tour of.

Dedipower Advanced Monitoring

Our Advanced Monitoring system allows us to work with your solution to ensure it is healthy and providing the content or service you need it too. We can monitor your websites to ensure the correct content is displayed within a certain amount of time using our HTTP content monitor.

If you use MySQL replication in any of its forms (Master Slave, Master Master, etc) we can ensure the replication latency stays low and that the relevant threads are doing what they are supposed to do.

Our native SNMP support means that any OID presented by the Operating System can be evaluated and any issues are flagged for our attention.

If any issues are detected then not only do we automatically raise a ticket and alert the relevant Systems administrators (and Team Leaders) but we can also send you an email or SMS too.

All of the information gathered by our Advanced Monitoring can be viewed and in some cases controlled from our customer portal.

Business Unit Status Screens

Each of our Business Units is issued with a 42” LCD screen and have designed team specific HUD’s so we can see the health of our customer base.

We have some excellent examples including streaming syslogs to top down issue heat maps of the datacenters all of which allow our teams to see at a glance what is happening across the thousands of servers we manage for you.


Some of our larger Private Cloud instances are coupled up with the Splunk product at no extra cost to you which allows us to identify erroneous activity and cross reference it to other activity in the solution to create a complete picture of performance and operations.

As Splunk offers a free licence for low amounts of data you too can utilise it in your solution to consolidate all of your syslogs for a unified view that you can manage.

Hopefully you can see that with our committed teams of Systems Administrators, Solution Architects, Account Managers and healthy dose of technology we are keeping a watchful eye over your servers, the service they provide to your customers and our SLA to you.

If you have any questions about our Monitoring services and how we can help you to ensure you stay online feel free to get in touch.

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