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Mobile Meets Cloud

The acquisition of many mobile application software companies looks set to accelerate by Telcos globally. Identifying applications which will drive bandwidth usage and overall consumption has become a strategic priority. But as the power of devices increases, it can be difficult to know which applications are the most useful and how to benefit from their functionality.

Cloud services have enabled many smaller software organisations to respond quickly to market demand for specific mobile applications. These applications, compatible across different various mobile device operating environments, are often released within hours of development and their download popularity is closely monitored. Success can be illusive in such a fast-moving sector but this has not deterred connectivity providers from continuing to acquire innovative mobile applications businesses.

As businesses seek to securely leverage smart devices to provide richer, “always-on” employee experiences, cloud and mobile applications are converging, enabling companies to extend their global reach and access regardless of product, service or size of company. Product placement, advertising and market intelligence has now expanded into many new areas beyond social networking and review services, and mobile applications play a crucial role in the marketing mix in driving customer engagement and lead generation for an increasing number of businesses.

Cloud applications which provide price comparison, review and recommendation services, remain one of the strongest growth areas of the market. When integrated into smart devices via mobile applications, these services can provide a highly personalised window to target new and repeat business.

Managers need to identify which services and applications work best for their businesses but choosing from the wide range of services currently available on the market can be a challenge.

The focus should be on the needs of the customer:

  1. Understand how your customers are leveraging cloud services, market intelligence, price and feature comparison.
  2. Identify any underperforming business areas and the underlying reasons for their lack of effectiveness.

Analysing your own business needs will help you to build a deeper insight into how to develop profitable mobile applications and blend more traditional insight with mobile intelligence.

Cloud platforms and applications are expected to grow rapidly in their sophistication and ability to provide user insight. Regardless of which platform we use, this insight, within the constraints of privacy laws, provides a gateway to understanding how and where the market is converging, and profiling customers and their choices. To stay ahead of competitors, business should take note of the trend and converge their thinking.

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