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Matt Lovell speaks on Cloud data security

Info Security

Pulsant’s CTO Matt Lovell recently took part in a Cloud data protection webinar hosted by leading industry publication Infosecurity Magazine. The webinar focused on ‘Protecting data across Cloud applications: The hidden challenge’ and featured a panel of security industry experts from across Europe, including representatives from CensorNet, the Constantia Institute, and the Roer Group.

The rise of Cloud applications in the workplace is driving the need for companies to extend their existing security policies to cover all devices and secure access to their cloud applications.

Kicking off the webinar, Matt began by sharing his views on how people and businesses use a mixture of Cloud applications such as infrastructure as a service, platforms as a service, and software as a service – hybrid solutions. Matt also spoke about the common issues that Cloud users face today and provided his thoughts on the different levels of verification required by each of these Cloud solutions, and the steps required by users to ensure that their data is protected. He also examined how and where Cloud providers store data, how and why third parties identify and use that data, and how it is classified. He finished by emphasising the importance of managing brand reputation, and highlighting the perils of digital footprints, noting that nothing a company does in the Cloud ever really disappears, and that historical evidence always remains.

You can hear more from Matt and view the webinar here.

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