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Managed Backup+

Lumison are pleased to announce a significant development in our hosted backup services. We have this month launched Managed Backup+, a service which provides sophisticated, secure, and flexible backup of files, databases, and applications.

Our current backup+ solution provides a simple, encrypted, ftp-based service, ideal for simple data protection of servers, end user PCs and laptops.

The new Managed Backup+ service, powered by Attix5, provides byte-level backup and restore, AES and SSL encryption, and data compression to speed up backup and restore times.

Storage starts at 100GB and is highly competitive at high volumes, ideal for customers looking to securely backup terabytes of data at pricing of 35p per GB for a fully managed service.

As with all Lumison services, this service includes our legendary service and network operations teams – no hidden fees to pick up the phone and speak to us 24×7 as with some well known cloud competitors.

If you have terabytes of data without a backup strategy, or are still using slow tape backup and wish to know more or get a formal quote, please contact your client manager directly or speak to anyone in the team on 0845 1199 900 or email [email protected].

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