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Lyncing it all together

Like most businesses, Lumison needs to maintain effective communication with a wide spectrum of customers and staff across different UK locations. For many of our teams, that communication often extends beyond normal working hours and involves remote workers. Solving these communications issues in a way that minimises costs and ensures effective support remains a key challenge for many organisations, even with the range of dedicated, feature-rich video conferencing solutions available on the market.

One of the most powerful unified communications tools we have found that meets this need is Microsoft Lync. It ensures that our teams can stay in touch with each other, regardless of the end device or location, and implementation has been easy to justify across the business because it has significantly reduced our travel and telephony costs. (This year, we have saved an average of £4,500 per month in travel expenses and reduced our telephony costs by over 40% as a result of using Lync.)

Lyncing our teams together via Microsoft Lync has been a fairly simple process. The solution neatly integrates into our existing telephone system, enabling users to dial or video conference from their desktops over wireless and internet connections with no need for reconfiguration. Roaming users can also connect at home and abroad on local wireless connections using a range of devices like smartphones and tablets, whilst keeping whiteboard conference sessions and notes in one place. Lync also allows users to check on presence, i.e., detecting when a person is available to talk.

Microsoft’s Lync is a powerful business collaboration tool and with rising fuel costs and a continual drive to make the most effective use of our employees’ time, Lync can provide a cost-effective solution for any business. For more information on Lyncing your business systems together, or to request a demonstration of our solution, please contact us.

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