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Legacy IT, legacy IT suppliers — Are strategic business partners the next step in IT evolution?

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By George Sanger, Regional Director, Pulsant

Just a decade ago IT suppliers were just that — suppliers. Then cloud entered the mainstream and business models adapted to accommodate the demand coming from organisations. Subtly, over the years some IT suppliers have transformed themselves into something more than just a provider. Instead, these new companies are focused on consultancy services, delivering the right solution to customers, one that meets requirements and drives business outcomes. This new breed of cloud service provider is an intrinsic part of helping customers grow, dealing with change management and transformation, and reducing costs.

The cloud effect

So, if cloud is the great equalising technology and offers businesses such a wealth of benefits, why should this shift amongst suppliers matter? Simply put, not all clouds are equal. Yes, anyone can buy cloud from a large-scale public cloud vendor quickly, easily and cheaply. But what about integration with other cloud environments? Integration between legacy systems? Moving workloads between clouds? Security questions and concerns? Not many organisations have the in-house capabilities to deal with these and other issues.

So it is here that the right cloud service provider can add tremendous value. From tailoring a solution that meets the needs of the application and organisation, to providing consultancy around technology optimisation, cyber security and strategy.

Business Unlimited

In a nutshell, this is Pulsant’s philosophy, providing hybrid IT solutions that not only meet requirements but carry customers forward towards enhanced growth and long-term success. We prefer to think of ourselves as a strategic business partner, because collaboration is one of our focus areas. Not only do we leverage our partnerships with leading hardware, public cloud and security vendors, we bring that same element of co-operation to our customer relationships.

Introducing AMP

A prime example is our new offering — AMP, a new hybrid solution set developed in collaboration with Microsoft. It combines private and public cloud services and uses Microsoft Azure technology to speed up digital transformation and business growth. What this means for our customers is that they get both the technical excellence associated with Azure, as well as our expertise and capabilities in implementing, delivering, supporting and managing those environments.

Partners in the future

Going forward, partnerships will only grow in importance and continue to add value — especially in the cloud space, where the landscape is still developing and businesses are using cloud more, and using it to achieve more diverse goals. At Pulsant we cut through complexity by spending time with you, identifying your business objectives and developing the best solutions. Most importantly, we ensure you understand the total bottom line impact of a proposed solution or technology and we back our findings with clear and concise data, supported by tried and tested methodologies and in-house research. Pulsant is perfectly positioned to work on designing and delivering the right cloud environment for you, one that meets your performance, security and business goals

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