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Knowledge is Power

Although providers have attempted to buffer the impact on the customer, increasing power prices and associated carbon levies are now inevitably beginning to filter through from service providers to customers. Margins for most businesses will continue to be effected for the foreseeable future. The good news is that Cloud Services enable these increases to be smoothed into lower unit costs, and not all data centre locations carry efficiency or carbon levies. But understanding actual business IT service availability needs and the associated power demands, still remains a key requirement for all businesses.

For solutions such as Amazon EC2 and other similar dynamic cloud “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) providers, you simply rent an amount of capacity, and this may or may not be virtualised depending on your business needs. But where performance needs to be measured and guaranteed or the business process/application criticality increases, private cloud solutions provide the best option for businesses seeking more support and a higher service level agreement.

Business value is retained in the knowledge of the system and configuration, and how we optimise this for service availability, resiliency, performance and total cost of ownership. Cloud offers many benefits including capacity and scalability, and reduces the reliance on the longer term commitment of hardware specification. Using an appropriate roadmap, we can identify and implement the solutions our businesses need across multiple locations, reducing our power demands, consumption and costs at the same time.

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