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Keeping Your Virtual Tills Ringing

Many of our ecommerce customers are coming to the end of their busiest sales season ever, but we are still working hard behind the scenes to make sure their systems can support simultaneous hits throughout the sales season and into the New Year.

British shoppers spent a staggering £19 million per hour during ‘Cyber Monday’, the busiest shopping day of the year which took place on 5 December 2011. Despite the economic climate, business was booming with online purchases up by nearly 30% compared to the same peak in 2010.

Matt Lovell comments; “Industry analysts predicted that over half of Christmas sales would occur in the first two weeks of December. We recognise that keeping websites live is not just mission critical, it is crucial for commercial survival. With Christmas now over but New Year sales in full swing, we’re working hard to keep your infrastructure optimised and ensure your virtual tills ring right through 2012.”

Things to consider for the year ahead:

  1. Do you have a fail-over in place so you can switch instantly to the back-up system if ever there is an issue?
  2. Special promotions – do your marketing teams send seasonal promotions? Then you should consider the impact on online traffic. If you get in touch with us in advance then we can make sure you have the necessary capacity to support the increase in traffic.
  3. Think about your traffic at other seasonal peaks. High levels of concurrent hits could knock out your platform but these can be easily handled if we know when they are likely to occur. Remember, we are here to help you achieve your business goals, and ensure that you can always deliver for your customers!

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