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Keeping an eye on everything

One of the crucial aspects of the DediPower service is proactively responding to developing situations in customer solutions. In addition we look at trending patterns to identify growth and potential capacity issues that could impact on the service availability.

As with all enterprise organisations, at the heart of much of this is a vital tool; our monitoring systems.

Here at DediPower we use a combination of systems to enable the best level of detail and management – both for our support teams and our customers.

Over the past 12 years, we’ve unfortunately never found a monitoring system that could scale and meet the requirements of our customers that integrates well with our ticket system and our internal customer and server management systems as well as providing the flexibility for interacting with our customers. Therefore we have continually developed our own platform which is easily expandable with custom tests to meet our exacting customer requirements.

At the present time, this system is performing over 3 million checks per day over every aspect of the services we deliver (and we’ve tested its scaling to over 60 million). From simple ping monitoring of a server, to the lag time in a MySQL slave and everything in between, every few seconds all day, every day ensuring we always know what is going on. Other tests include HTTP Content, HTTP Status Codes, SNMP, TCP Port tests, custom user experience and performance checks, memory, disk and CPU as well as a variety of others – all individually tuned to the customer solutions that we Support with Passion.

When something does alert us, we can do a combination of different things – by default we’ll create a ticket within our support systems, and send an email out to the customer if requested. We’ll also send a text message to our engineers and any additional numbers as required.

No matter what, when we see an alert come through, you can guarantee that we’ll be looking into it trying to find out what the problem was, or what we need to do to ensure that your uptime remains impeccable and that your business always stays online!

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