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Is your company email or groupware mobile-ready?

There are still many companies relying on legacy deployments of Microsoft Exchange 2003 because it just “works”. Lack of key features such as interoperability with new smart phones, and having to deploy costly Blackberry servers to provide services to mobile workers seem illogical when alternatives are available.

With the advent of the latest mobile operating systems such as Microsoft Windows Phone 7, and its recent adoption by global mobile giant Nokia, it is clear for all to see that the market is hotting up for better value, powerful features, and a great user experience.

At Lumison we have advocated our private cloud solution for deployment of mainstream business applications such as Microsoft Exchange 2010, offering 80% carbon savings and 20% TCO savings compared to deploying and managing your own upgrade programme in house. Put that together with a Windows Phone offering and you have a compelling story.

Visit us at for more details. To drive the benefits to your business with ease of deployment, a simple, business-like yet powerful user experience, and an ever growing range of business-oriented applications being adopted on the Windows Phone 7 platform, call us on 0845 1199 911. Any member of our sales team will be delighted to talk to you and work through the next evolution of your IT and mobile worker strategy.

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