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Is the Cloud right for everyone?

I am just putting the final touches to my presentation on Tuesday at Internet World at Earls Court (do stop by and see us at the show if you’re there). Titled “Ecommerce In the Cloud”, I will be talking about a number of points, some of which I thought you may appreciate a preview of here.

ecommerce or e-Retail is bucking the trend and we are seeing significant growth in online sales versus the slump being experienced on the high street. The IMRG Capggemini e-Retail Sales Index confirmed that £5.1 billion was spent in the UK online in March alone! That’s £82 per person. With location services and personalised offers, mobile commerce is the new norm and will soon overtake desktop internet access. So is Cloud right for all ecommerce solutions?

Most businesses will achieve flexibility and cost reductions from leveraging Cloud technology. DCH, one of our customers, has confirmed cost savings in excess of 40% by using DediPower’s expertise and the Cloud solution we provided for their specific needs. Flexibility means that the peaks and troughs of traffic can be well managed. The Royal Household experienced phenomenal traffic during the Royal Wedding on 29th April, but via a load balanced solution provided by DediPower, visitors were able to keep posted with the various activities of the day (with the peak when the Dress details were released).

Cloud solutions generally mean less upfront investment and a model where the costs scale as the business scales. However, Cloud is not the correct solution for all businesses. You cannot always take what you have in an internal or dedicated hosted environment and transfer it to a Cloud solution without modification. For example, large, access intensive databases do not always perform as well in a Cloud solution compared to a dedicated solution. Situations like this may call for a hybrid solution.

Each Cloud solution requires the consultative approach which DediPower prides itself on, as we know that one size does not fit all – we will ensure that we leverage all of our experience to deliver this expertise to our customers’ Business.

“Support with Passion” means that our customers see DediPower as an extension to their businesses, enabling them to focus on their core business and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Hope to see you on Tuesday at Earls Court.

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