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IPv6 – Is it time to panic?

Many Lumison customers may have seen some of the commentary in the wider IT and Internet market (and even on the BBC!) discussing the impending doom implied by the “Internet running out of addresses”.

These blocks of numbers that we hand out to customers to make your PCs, servers and networks accessible to the internet are called IP addresses. Currently, 99% of internet addresses use an “old” format called IPv4.

Despite being defined back 1998, the “new” standard IPv6 has seen very little uptake in the past 12 years. However, due to dwindling numbers of IPv4 addresses, 2011 is likely to be the year that IPv6 finally comes of age.

Lumison is preparing for the IPv6 roll-out in two ways:

1) We have applied for and received an IPv6 allocation. Lumison network engineers are preparing our routers and systems for deployment of IPv6, and we expect to be able to offer native IPv6 service to our customers later in the year.

2) Lumison has just received a further /19 IPv4 allocation (over 8000 addresses) from the regional registry. This means Lumison will be able to keep assigning new IPv4 addresses to our customers for several years, allowing our customers to migrate to IPv6 at a time that suits you rather than having to rush to migrate in the next few months.

Therefore, Lumison customers are well placed to make the switch to IPv6. Not only will you be able to begin adding IPv6 capability to your networks this year, but we still have plenty of IPv4 addresses if you plan to take a little longer to make the switch.

So in summary? Lumison says, we’re prepared, so you don’t have to panic! Lumison also says, consider what your IPv6 strategy is going to be, and do think about how you want to rollout the new numbering now and in the future.

Any customers taking managed network services from Lumison need not worry, as we will be organising the rollout of IPv6 on behalf of our customers. We can also provide design and implementation services if you wish to consider IPv6 rollout on your network but don’t currently take a managed service from Lumison. If you are interested in getting help, please call us on 0845 1199 911.

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