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Internet commerce and web applications continue to grow

You would expect a friendly business and web hosting firm to warn customers of the need to ensure they have scale built into their plans when deploying a web hosting environment. It is interesting to see how web platforms continue to be deployed based on average usage patterns, resulting in disappointing performance and user experience.

In the current snowy weather, local authority and school websites are collapsing under the weight of parents checking to see if schools are open every morning.

In the run up to Christmas, it was reported that internet sales hit around £22m per hour on the busiest day of the year – November 22nd. With 22% of Christmas budgets due to be spent online, not ensuring you have scale in your web hosting platform seems a little short sighted – when your customers can move to another shop at the click of a mouse.

With the growth of internet-based web applications or online shopping continuing unabated, it is sensible to ensure your own technology platform can provide the scale you need. If you wish to speak with someone in Lumison about a health-check for your own online business, please give us a ring on 0845 1199 999 and ask about our scalable managed load-balanced hosting services, or even the simple Lumison Cloudburst offering to ensure you are ready for your customers.

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