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Installed or Managed? That is the question …

At Lumison, we are well aware that you have an ever increasing choice of providers to support the hosting of websites, email, or critical business applications. Those who entrust us with hosting their IT systems already know and love the quality of support they get from our team (at least, so you tell us through our market leading NetPromoter score of 35.8%!).

However, we see increasing confusion in the market between some who are clear when they provide a fully managed service (with the breadth and depth of tireless support that comes with it) and those who will simply install some software and hand it over to their customer to support.

Both models of providing hosted services are of value – if you already have talented, knowledgeable IT resource within your organisation, and don’t need your applications supported 24×7, it is clear that you may not need to benefit from outsourcing to a fully managed model which covers MACs (Moves Adds Changes) for your Exchange server, or help with optimising a hosted PostgreSQL database on a web server.

However, we do see some customers come to us frustrated that their incumbent provider simply racked a server, installed some software, and handed the keys over to the client (metaphorically speaking, of course).

So, when looking at your next step in considering how to upgrade your Exchange 2003 to a shiney Exchange 2010, or where to host a new web application, don’t think just of where to host it, but make sure you ask yourself – what kind of support does my organisation really need?

Interested to know more? Speak to one of our team by emailing [email protected] or call us now on 0845 1199 911.

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