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How Cloud Approach Can Be Shaped By Business Needs

Confirms that SMBs who align cloud storage to commercial goals build a stronger route to success

Cloud and managed hosting experts, Pulsant, is calling for a major perception shift on cloud. It’s client-centric approach is inspiring SMBs to look at cloud infrastructure not just as a shared, utility-based resource that can be accessed on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, but as a strategic business tool that can also be configured and fine-tuned to address specific operational agendas. As part of this, Pulsant is asking that CIOs, seeking to enhance their business contribution, take a more proactive stance in building successful cloud outcomes by shaping storage provision in line with their commercial goals. It also reveals that those who do can create a more effective roadmap for growth, risk reduction and competitive success.

Mark Howling, CEO at Pulsant, explains, “We have been providing cloud infrastructure and services for over 10 years. During this time we have become well aware of when and where cloud works best and how to get the most out of any infrastructure investment. It is clear to us that the most successful cloud adopters are those SMBs who map their cloud requirements closely to their key business objectives.

“Many SMBs are not doing this today because current commodity-style provisioning, has led to a belief that cloud infrastructure can be only ‘one gear, flavour or speed’. With Pulsant that’s simply not the case. Our cloud is far more flexible, enabling customers to select performance variability to suit their demand and even to choose the location of their cloud. In this way, companies can use cloud as a means to achieving commercial goals faster, more cost effectively and with greater security and much lower risk.”

Working with over 3,000 SMB clients, Pulsant has identified the following strategic priorities and how cloud infrastructure can be used to contribute to their realisation:

Encouraging Growth

Unlike physical servers that have a storage limit, cloud’s virtualised platform is ‘elastic’ and can be scaled up as your business grows. It removes the constraints of having to add and configure new hardware to accommodate major projects, new applications or expanding digital presence.

Reducing Cost

With cloud, not only do you pay for what you use but virtualised platforms are built on the latest server technology and utilise more of the storage capacity, making it highly efficient. This can reduce power consumption and operational costs by as much as 40 per cent.

Improving Service

Cloud’s flexibility lets you respond faster to the changing digital requirements of your business. Using a cloud provider like Pulsant means you don’t have to constantly monitor and manage your servers allowing you to focus your own IT resources on customer facing activities that improve service.

Environment Concerns

More efficient than traditional server solutions, virtualised platforms can reduce power consumption dramatically. Make sure your cloud provider has an Environmental Policy. Pulsant is committed to creating a ‘Green Cloud’. By October 2012 all its energy will come from renewable sources. This move is combined with the introduction of new technologies such as Cold Aisle Containment and Secure POD rack systems which are designed to reduce power consumption even further.

Managing Risk

There has been much debate about cloud resilience, particularly from large scale commodity based public cloud providers. However, if properly managed and supported cloud offers more resilience than traditional systems. If a server fails, then the load automatically switches to other servers in the cloud to keep your applications and websites live.

Governance Requirements

For SMBs working in tightly regulated environments then the cloud solution needs to be properly assessed in terms of compliance, security and data location. Pulsant can offer ‘private’ cloud facilities that provide the flexibility and cost advantages of a virtual platform but in a controlled environment that is specific to that client. It also offers PCI compliant platforms for ecommerce, and can specify UK-based or even single location clouds to help users conform to European data legislation. In addition, all Pulsant’s facilities are ISO certified.

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