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Harness the power of (public) cloud

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By Robin Ferris, Solutions Architect, Pulsant

Many businesses are focusing on the benefits that cloud can bring to their operations, be it improved security, increased agility, or cost savings. For start-ups this is quickly apparent because they are, in essence, born in the cloud. For other established organisations with a host of systems, applications and hardware already in place, the move isn’t as easy. In fact, what we see more and more of in our dealings with customers is that many organisations have systems that are working well where they are currently hosted and it doesn’t make sense to include them in the overall migration plans.

Migrating to cloud can be challenging. It requires a commitment from the entire organisation and needs to be sponsored and supported from the top down. The reason? It’s a change that needs to happen across more than just the technology; there’s a lot of process change and often there’s a mindset shift needed to get staff on board too.

There are two elements to highlight here.

The first is before committing to a migration plan you need to assess your estate and determine which systems, processes and applications are best suited to a move to the cloud. As mentioned, you may have some established systems that are hosted in a third-party data centre, for example. They are performing well and you’ve got a good relationship with your managed hosting partner, with a few years left on your contract. You need to ask yourself if it makes business and financial sense to include these in your migration plans.

The second element is that the cloud migration process is unique to your business. Yes, other organisations are doing it, and yes, it’s an established technology. But the nuances of the cloud journey when related to your specific business, the industry you operate in, your staff and your objectives, are different from everyone else’s. Simply, what this means is you need to customise your journey to the cloud, taking all these requirements, characteristics and elements in account for the best chance of success.

Lisa Clark, Pulsant’s Cloud Product Manager, and I will be tackling both of these areas in our presentation at Cloud Expo Europe 2019. We are discussing how to start the cloud journey, identify and overcome challenges, and how to fully realise the benefits of moving to public cloud, using a real-world example of a project we’ve completed.

We will present Harness the power of public cloud; a case study: moving from the monolith to micro-services in the Multi-Cloud Strategy & Management Theatre at 10:55 am on 12 March.

Please join our talk at Cloud Expo Europe if you’d like to find out more on how you can:

  • Inject flexibility in your own cloud journey
  • Grab the opportunities of public cloud
  • Achieve the benefits in a practical way

The Pulsant team will also be on stand C2130 12-13 March if you’d like to stop by to talk about the opportunity of cloud.




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