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Getting to grips with G-Cloud

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By Jamie Stuart, Business Development Manager, Pulsant

We hear a lot about the Government’s cloud-first drive and the importance of digital transformation in the Public Sector. This has been an ongoing discussion spurred by the launch of the G-Cloud framework in 2012, which is designed to make the adoption and procurement of cloud services much less complex.

We’re now on the latest iteration of the framework, G-Cloud 10, which was launched earlier this year. So apart from making buying cloud easier, what does it actually mean?

For Pulsant, the move from G-Cloud 9 to G-Cloud 10, means we have enhanced our offering and continue to deliver high-quality cloud services to Public Sector organisations. Existing and prospective customers can now benefit from the additional service offerings which include: Pulsant Enterprise Cloud and Pulsant Government Cloud services, as well as Public Cloud services –  managed Azure, Azure Stack, and AWS. These changes have been made in response to the increased demand and adoption of hybrid cloud platforms to better support application and data requirements.

Through LayerV (a Pulsant company), we have also added our Continuous Compliance platform, which makes achieving and maintaining IT compliance simpler and more streamlined.

Importantly, there is a lot more to a successful cloud migration than selecting a service. While this is a crucial first step, it’s equally important to choose the right partner who can deliver this service and work with you to ensure it matches your organisational objectives. Moving on from migration, it’s also critical that the right provider can help you optimise the cloud services and fully realise the potential benefits.

To address this challenge, we have included IT consultancy services that focus on cloud readiness and transformation, which involves ensuring your organisation is ready for a move into the cloud. We analyse your technology environment and develop a transformation strategy to ensure you can make the move seamlessly and successfully.

Moving beyond the services on the framework, Pulsant has a wealth of expertise in hybrid IT – from networking and colocation, to cyber security and managed services. So, we are well placed to take on the role of trusted provider and help your organisation asses a move to the cloud, and if appropriate make the transition and reap the benefits.

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