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Full power consumption and CO2 output stats

We are pleased to announce that for all data centre clients, we are now providing full power consumption and CO2 output stats.

For those interested in these things, we used a formula developed for the Carbon Trust to generate the CO2 based on the IT load, as well as supporting cooling and UPS infrastructure to ensure you have a good view on the carbon cost of your IT infrastructure.

This level of visibility is particularly useful to customers who have started to report on Carbon output for their business, as it is notoriously difficult to get a good view of your CO2 when you outsource critical IT in this way.

Please visit and log in to view details of your data centre services with Lumison, and track your usage patterns, and CO2 output at your convenience.

We are proud to carry on delivering new features and service to our customers to help them manange their IT better.

If your power consumption has been growing, and you are looking at ways to reduce both energy and CO2 metrics, why not consider use of our Private Cloud Services as a means of cost effectively reducing your data centre as well as CO2 footprint.

If you want to discuss how you might rely upon Lumison now and in the future for your IT infrastructure, please contact us on 0845 1199 911.

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