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Expansion to Asia

Expansion to Asia is not a new topic, actually western companies have been moving into this market from several decades ago attracted by the opportunity for massive sales opportunities and the huge population in Asia. In these digital times, believe it or not, we have to admit the Internet is international; it’s a simple fact that many of us take for granted. It makes perfect sense to select an America hosting provider if your website is going to target American visitors, but what about that huge market on the other side of the Pacific Ocean? As a response from customers and the market, Dedipower moved into the Asia market two years ago and we are committed to providing our customers an international solution with local delivery. Originating in the UK, the philosophy of Dedipower, support with passion, has not changed. Dedipower provides a wide range of services including managed private cloud and managed hosting with a comprehensive service portfolio to our valuable customers in Asia. 

As a member of the telesales team, my daily job involves a lot of initial contact with our potential customers around the Asia area including China, HK and Singapore. I find that these three areas share very similar culture although the business environment varies from one to another. HK, is one of the biggest financial centres in Asia, but with limited natural resources, people embrace a very fast-pace and challenging business environment. Price and added value always come first when making critical business decisions.

China has less of an open market, but benefits from its huge population, and has been attracting huge investment in recent years, especially after the financial crisis. Massive governance is a fact that many western companies are struggling with; however, working with local and central governments in china is a critical area that that you need to work hard on if you are willing to build a successful business. China’s hosting service providers seem to be quite lucky compared with others in western countries that suffered, or are still suffering from the effects of the financial crisis. There are opportunities seen in the China managed services market such as the government’s support, demo cities that provide a series of preferential policies in terms of taxation, government funding, finance, and intellectual property protection; and training schools that provide professionals to the market. All we need is to shift our sense of service, by creating a new era from being cost-oriented services to becoming value-directed services,” says Paul Li, senior analyst, Software and Services, IDC China.

Singapore is my favourite country to run a business, and benefits from a well mixed population and culture as well as an open, approachable business environment. I find it’s amazing to contact people from different background and cultures in one country.

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