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EU Code of Conduct

ScoLocate has achieved Corporate Participant status under the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres.

The EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres Energy Efficiency is a voluntary code that organisations can sign up to, committing them to implement best practice measures to reduce energy consumption. The Code’s stated aim is “to inform and stimulate data centre operators and owners to reduce energy consumption in a cost-effective manner without hampering the mission critical function of data centres.” The Code aims to achieve this “by improving understanding of energy demand within the data centre, raising awareness, and recommending energy efficient best practice and targets.” The scope of the best practice guidelines includes use of efficient cooling through use of building management systems for DCIM, optimised power and cooling control, efficient rack and airflow design, along with efficient use of IT equipment (e.g. Energy Star, use of virtualisation).

ScoLocate is accredited at the Code of Conduct’s Participant level and are actively engaging in reducing energy consumption whilst delivering business critical data centre services.

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